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Add The Finishing Touch To Your Home’s Paint Job

Add The Finishing Touch To Your Home’s Paint Job
Deciding on how to paint your home can be a big decision. After all, you’ll be facing those walls for many years. The tedious work of sanding, taping and painting are a part of the process, along with some key decisions, like a big one that’s easy to forget: the finish.

The Final Touch

The finish is just as essential as any other part of the painting process. The finish you choose when purchasing your paint will determine the final look of your walls, and may even affect the vibrancy of the color. Not only that, but the paint finish is a large part of the maintenance of a room—some finishes are easy to clean, while others hide minor imperfections. So before deciding on your color, ask yourself: how do you want that final paint job to look, and what will work best with your living space?

Oliveira Painting and Sherwin Williams

The Oliveira Painting Company uses the best available products, which include Sherwin-Williams paint. For more than 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has produced paint for homes and general locations that span the globe. If you need an example of what their paint can do, just take a look at New York’s Freedom Tower, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, or even the White House. If Sherwin-Williams paint can beautify some of the world’s most popular places, it can definitely make your home stand out as well.

Flat, Satin Or Glossy?

Gloss may sound more exciting than a flat finish, but if your walls have minor blemishes, you’ll notice them more with a glossy finish. On the other hand, if you’re painting a playroom, you may want to choose an easily maintainable, more durable finish over one that packs a dramatic punch. Sherwin-Williams has finishes especially made for homes like yours. Just like each room is designed differently from another, different finishes are designed to cater to your every need:


This type is good for hiding blemishes and making the walls look smooth. Who knows how many times the Golden Gate Bridge had to be finished with this type? When it comes to homes, flat paint is good for ceilings, dining rooms, and adult bedrooms.


Go with satin if you’re trying to finish a part of your home that receives heavy traffic, such as the halls and children’s bedrooms. If your halls get as much traffic as the White House, then this finish is probably for you. Satin is easy to clean, but still looks sophisticated and sharp.


This is a durable paint that’s perfect for those who love to clean their homes. Going with this finish means it’ll be a while before the paint fades away, Bathrooms, kitchens, and utility areas that are more likely to get scuffed or soiled are ideal locations for easily-cleaned semi-gloss finishes.


Want certain parts of your home to stand out? Look no further than the gloss finish. Not just durable, gloss will make sure that your furniture, doors, and cabinets catch the attention of anyone who comes through–as those who have visited the Freedom Tower can attest.

Not sure which finish is right for you? The Oliveira Painting Company in Taunton, MA can help you choose the right one for each room. You can also visit Sherman-Williams’s website to see more paint finishing options.

Get The Best Paint Job In Southeastern MA

Don’t let that final touch to your home or business become an eyesore. Make sure your paint job is done efficiently and professionally with Oliveira Painting. We make it a point to show that your home or business in Southeastern Massachusetts can stand out from all the rest with Sherwin Williams paint and finishes. Based in Taunton, our company’s services reaches much of MA from Cape Cod to Norton. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any paint-related service ASAP. Click here to see our service area for home or business painting in MA. We also offer senior discounts and specials for the fall and winter seasons. We are also a LEED Certified Painting Contractor in MA. Now’s the perfect time to ask about our specials as the cold weather approaches–we’ll make “finishing” your paint job in the winter as easy as can be. For more information, call 508-933-9731, or email to request a custom quote now.

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