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The 5 Most Helpful Ideas For Planning The Perfect Exterior Paint Job

The 5 Most Helpful Ideas For Planning The Perfect Exterior Paint Job

When asking our painting clients what their plans are for their exterior paint job, the most common expression we hear is: Where do I start?

Here is a summary of suggestions, to help you get started on planning the perfect exterior paint job.

When painting the exterior of your house and other outdoor features, you have two important characteristics to keep in mind: how well it lasts and how good it looks. Painting a house is no small investment, so choosing the best paint color for the exterior surfaces of your house means picking colors that look great and last.

1) Foolproof Color Picks

To narrow down your color choices, build an exterior palette around the elements of the house that won’t change, such as roofing materials and stone or brick components. Pick contrasting but complementary colors to highlight architectural elements and add dimension. Similar color undertones will link the elements together.

2) Take a Look Around

The best inspiration may come from stepping outside. Select hues that are compatible with your neighborhood, architectural style and natural surroundings. For exterior colors inspired by classic American design and architecture, look no further than Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection for tried and true favorites that are perfect for any home.

3) The Right Light

Just like interior paint colors, exterior colors shift depending on how the light hits them—and can look different when applied than they do on a chip. Make regret-free choices by buying a quart of paint and applying it on inconspicuous areas of all sides of your house. Visit your samples throughout the day until you’re comfortable with your choice.

4) Finish Lines

Color is only one aspect of an exterior paint choice; sheen is another important factor. Low Lustre finish is a top choice for the main siding color—the low-reflective finish adds a slight gloss, hides surface imperfections and cleans well. Semi-gloss paints add extra durability and clean up easily, making them a good choice for areas such as windowsills that bear the brunt of weather shifts. High gloss finishes make color look richer but magnify surface imperfections.

5) Find the Perfect Color for Your Home Exterior

Once you have a general scheme in mind, we will help you fine tune color ideas by suggesting you use a color wheel and color finder. Click here to learn more about color selection, so you can make your home the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful, elegant and striking exterior.

This post summarizes the tips and pointers listed on the Benjamin Moore website here:

James Oliveira March 16, 2018